Money moon gold purchase scheme

Invest in gold, Invest in growth

Investing in gold is one of the safest investment decisions one can make. However, some customers might not possess enough money to purchase gold jewellery. For such customers we offer MONEYMOON GOLD PURCHASE SCHEME .Under this scheme investor can by pay a fixed amount every month as installment over a period of time .After expiry of the period you can take home the gold jewellery you the investor dreamt of possessing. This scheme provides insulation from frequently rising gold prices. Anyone can be part of the scheme and there are no additional fees or service charges. So hurry up and make the most out of this golden opportunity.

Gold insurance

Insure the future, secure the future

World is full of uncertainties and unforeseen problems whether it is in our personal lives or in our professional lives. This situation creates many anxieties in us. Safety of gold jewellery can also create anxieties in us. Well do not worry; we have taken care of that. Lulu gold provides 100% insurance on all gold purchased from our showrooms. So leave your worries and anxieties behind and enjoy life to its fullest.
Prosperity without worry is indeed a worthy goal to pursue.

Advance gold booking scheme

A scheme for the people who have an eye for the future.

Gold market can be sometimes uncertain. Demand and supply of gold can vary from time to time. Price of gold and its demand depend upon many external factors such as appreciation and depreciation of national currencies, problems in supply side of gold industry etc. This complexity of gold markets can be quite confusing to our customers. In order to help our customers we have introduced an ADVANCED GOLD BOOKING SCHEME. Under this scheme customers can book in advance the amount gold they want to purchase and in case price of gold increase on the date of purchase, customers can still buy the gold as per rate on the date of booking, thereby protecting customers from market volatility.

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